Indian head massage is based on the marma points in the human body, particularly in the upper body. It has the ability to boost blood flow through the cells in the brain, face, shoulders, neck, and back.

A myriad of strokes, pressures, styles of movement, sequences, pulls, and oils are used based on your personal needs and body type. All is applied with precision and knowledge of the specific marma points to maximize benefits to the client.

Indian head massage helps release emotions, brings relaxation and the sensation of being more grounded. It helps rejuvenate the nervous system and other organs with the use of marma therapy.

  Why should someone have an Indian Head Massage?

  • A feeling of overall well-being and inner peace

  • Can help with chronic headaches and miagranes

  • Diminish anxiety and stress

  • Encourages a sharp and alert mind

  • Healthier hair and hair growth

  • Boost the flow of blood and nourished the cells for a healthier and more vibrant body