Sari LaBelle’s life coaching practice is based on the Co-Active Coaching model developed by Laura Whitworth and Karen and Henry Kimsey-House and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program developed by Jon Kabat Zinn.   A growing body of neuroscience research has revealed that the tools of Co-Active Coaching and Mindfulness profoundly help clients:

  • develop new positive neural networks;
  • respond more calmly to stress;
  • make choices more easily;
  • and access much more of their life energy and creativity.

Inevitably leading individuals to a more effective, successful and fulfilling life.  To follow are the four major cornerstones of the coaching model Sari works with.

You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole

You can and should be able to uncover your own answers, are not in need of fixing, and can recover and learn from the lessons life offers you.

Trusting the ‘dance’ of the process

Our process will not follow a specific script.  During each session Sari will follow the movement of what is occurring  for you in the present moment, “dancing” with the overall energy of our conversation and your needs, while holding a focus and an intention for your specific aspirations and movements.

Integrating body and soul

Our process together will integrate the entire heart, mind, body and spirit. This kind of attention literally helps integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which not only opens up new solutions and creativity, but also builds lasting connections that can be used by you for future problem-solving success.

Evoking lasting, sustainable change

Sari’s coaching will help you move beyond simply managing your “to do” lists.  You will develop new capacities to navigate whatever life throws your way without suffering undue stress.  Our work together will challenge you to stretch out of your comfort zone and take risks, encouraging you to make bold leaps, not just simply do what you have already been doing only a little bit better.

Sari LaBelle is available for life coaching sessions Monday to Friday.  To book your appointment or for further information contact Sari at 506.875.5739 or