Here are a few tips to ease you into your first class with us:

    • Remove your shoes when you enter the studio. Classes are practiced barefoot and in lightweight clothing.
    • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to class time, latecomers will not be allowed in.
    • Be mindful that others may be meditating prior to class. Please turn off mobile devices in the studio and keep voices low or maintain silence in the studio as much as possible.
    • Leave valuables at home, we do have a change room on site but no bags or personal belongings are allowed in the yoga room.
    • Refrain from wearing strong perfumes, colognes, or fragrances.
    • Advise your instructor before class if you are new, have an injury, or a medical condition we should know about.
    • Listen to your body, our teachers will offer instructions of how to move in and out of the postures but you are the expert of your own body; respect it’s limits and guidance.

What should you bring?

Yoga is practiced in lightweight clothes and barefoot. We have changing rooms if you need to change before class.

    • Lightweight clothes that you feel comfortable in – we have changing rooms if you need to change on site.
    • A Yoga mat. We have them available (and free) for you to use if you do not have one, and we some for sale.
    • You can bring a water bottle in class with you. We also have complimentary tea and water for our guests.
    • Your willingness to learn something new!
    • Leave valuables at home, we do have a change room on site but no bags or personal belongings are allowed in the yoga room.

What class can you attend as a beginner?

We know that different yoga styles can be confusing and even hard to pronounce, so here are some tips to choosing your first or next class!

    • Please keep in mind that yoga is not only physical, but can release energetic and emotional blockages as well. For some, it is a lot harder to stay still than it is to flow through a physically challenging class. We recommend that you explore different styles and time slots to see which classes you can commit to!
    • Each class is open to all levels. We do not prevent anyone from attending class.
    • If you would like more support, we offer private sessions, a specialty class for beginners, and a Yoga Fundamentals workshop. Contact us for details.
    • Below is a list of class suggestions to try! They have a slower pace with slower transitions, and tend to be easier to follow.
      • Hatha
      • Hatha Niveau1 (french)
      • Kripalu
      • Kundalini
      • Viniyoga (french)
      • Yin & Meditation or Yin (deep stretch)

Click here to see the daily schedule (with class descriptions)!

You’re not flexible…

You’re not flexible? Here’s an idea… we don’t care!

Here at Shanti Yogi, we focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga. People roll out their mats for all sorts of different reasons, some being mental clarity, help with chronic pain or anxiety, strength, emotional balance, flexibility and more! At our centre, you’ll find people who are stiff, bendy, and anywhere in between that come together as a community with the same intention of being present.

Yoga isn’t about a destination, but about the journey, and every time you come to class, you get the opportunity to let go of what you think your body should look like and focus on what it can do for you.  Not being flexible won’t prevent you from following in class, but skipping class might prevent you from becoming more flexible.

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