Yoga has been part of my life now for several years now. Before becoming a yogi I grew up with obesity, at 14 I had enough and decided to change, lost a 100lbs and turned into a competitive athlete in many sports for over 20 years. That led to my passion and career into personal training and nutrition. Being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my early 20’s I turned to several different therapies and holistic measures to understand and learned to live with arthritis by changing my lifestyle. More injuries came into play as a result of continuing to have an intense Yang lifestyle and training too intensely and working too much led to new levels of pain that conventional methods and practice did not heal. No professional seemed to understand or believe the pain I was experiencing. I thank God that I was always open to change and that led me to develop a yoga practice. Just like anything else I had taken on in life I went into yoga intense. After 6 months of being consistent with yoga, physical pain disappeared. Not only was I free of pain but I started feeling and getting stronger than I had ever been, even more than in my younger days as a powerlifter. My cardio started getting better without doing any more cardio. This was the result of a simply having a better posture and breathing. Yoga was raising a lot of questions for me so I kept at it and started to get into Yin. At the same time my life took a turn, I faced another injury that forced me to leave my current career and take a lot of time for myself to manage pain. During this period I decided that going back to school to become a Naturopath practitioner, studying everything about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Along with my yoga practice and studying I soon started to understand that growing up obese had caused me a lot of trauma and that everything I was doing in my life until that point was literally a coping mechanism so that I don’t need to face the emotions that have been locked up inside of me since my childhood. After practicing yoga for a while I started experiencing unusual things. That led to different kinds of help for me. Yin yoga combined with Reiki and therapy enabled me to let go slowly of what was holding me back and become myself.

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  1. Well! This confirms the saying, never judge a book by it’s cover! Enjoyed reading your story.

    What you say about improving cardio without increasing your cardio workouts intrigues me. I’ve been told I run without effort! That I don’t sound winded when I run. Well I believe it is because I’ve learned to breath, through yoga!

    I would like to add that your Yin classes have helped me go further in my yoga practice. Like you, Andre, I can get a little intense in my practice, even my yoga practice. Through time, I’ve learned to slow the mind. But had never learned to slow the body. I’m a live fidget! But, through your Yin classes, you are slowly teaching me the importance of quieting the body. Thank you!

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