Jacynte started experimenting with yoga during her late teens and immediately knew it was something special. In 2008 she started studying yoga formally. Jacynte has received her 550 hrs Hatha yoga certification through Yoga Ink and 200 hrs Kundalini Yoga certification through Kundalini Yoga in the Loop. Her primary influences have been Ruth Richman (Yoga Ink), Shakta Kaur (Kundalini Yoga in the Loop), Doug Keller (Swatantrya Yoga), Biff Mithoerfer and Sarah Powers. Jacynte enjoys teaching various aspects and styles of yoga that have had a great impact on her during her journey. She is a versatile teacher that makes sure that the classes are accessible, safe, experimental, and fun. She teaches classes and workshops in the styles of Hatha – Vinyasa, Yin yoga, and Kundalini yoga. Service en francais disponible!

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