The therapeutic application of the ancient science and practice of yoga is designed to support the health and wellness of a person on all levels: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Combining the expertise of somatic therapy, naturotherapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, sound therapy, thai yoga bodywork, phoenix rising yoga therapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy with the discipline and philosophy of yoga, Jacynte Leger, Anna Tremblay and Sari LaBele will guide you through an 8 -week program to address the physical and emotional issues related to chronic pain, anxiety, burn-out, depression, MS, PTSD, fybromyalgia, cancer recovery, and insomnia. Including 6 weekly one-on-one sessions, 6 group yoga classes, and 2 specialized workshops, each program will be individualized to the specific physical and emotional needs of each person.

Once enrolled, your program will begin with an assessment of your specific health conditions and aims. Each of the 6 private sessions will include:

  • simple warm-up movements – preparing the body for deeper yoga postures,
  • an investigation into the yogic philosophy and approach to overall health and well-being,
  • yogic breathing exercises (pranayama),
  • mindfulness and meditation practices
  • a yoga “prescription” of asanas, meditations, readings and practices to activate the body’s natural healing abilities and support your overall well-being – both on and off the mat.

You will also have access to 6 weekly yoga classes at Shanti Yogi, recommended for your specific health condition and aims, and 2 specialized group workshops focused on topics such as: unlocking the relaxation response, developing a mindfulness practice and approach to life, managing chronic pain and using one’s emotional guidance system in everyday life.  In addition you will receive a personalized manual of exercises and readings to support your yoga practice and overall health and well-being beyond the 8-week program.

This program does not make any claim that it alone cures diseases and chronic conditions.  Rather, when combined with western medical science and naturopathic treatments, the therapeutic application of yoga helps to relieve a person of symptoms and supports and sustains a person’s overall healing & well-being.

Partially covered by most health insurance programs, the cost of the 8-week program is $579 per person.

To enroll in the program or for further information contact Shanti Yogi at 854.2900 or Sari LaBelle at